Urtica Urens Mother Tincture

by Pat McKay

A must-keep-on-hand product for animals  with a possibility of a urinary blockage is Urtica urens mother tincture.  The Urtica urens builds up the acidity which in turn helps to dissolve the crystals.  You must use the mother tincture.  You cannot use Urtica urens in a potency (e.g. 6X, 6C, 30C).  It is the mother tincture only that is effective.

Urtica urens mother tincture is not easy to find, so ESSENTIALS4ALL has it available for your convenience.  A 2-ounce bottle for $24.95.  

An added feature is that Urtica urens mother tincture is excellent for burns.  Keep the bottle handy in the kitchen.  Apply it full strength immediately on any burned area.  The stinging, swelling, redness, pain will often not even materialize after application.

For additional information on the use for of Urtica urens mother tincture for urinary ailments or homeopathic care, email Pat McKay. The dosage of Urtica urens will be different for each animal, so it will be necessary to email me for directions.  There is no charge for information and advice regarding Urtica urens, even though it is a homeopathic remedy.

The key to nutrition for healthy, happy dogs and cats is:

75% raw meat and 25% finely ground raw or steamed/mashed vegetables.  For some cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies, or animals who are ill, and need more meat, 90% raw meat and 10% finely ground raw or steamed/mashed vegetables and ESSENTIALS4ALL BIO-8 in either Powder or Capsules, and CLO-3-Pearls.







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