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This site offers free information and advice regarding nutrition and classical homeopathy to provide healthier and happier lives for animals and people.

            What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy, from Greek homoeo (meaning similar) and pathos (meaning suffering) is a system of medicine based on treating like with like.The theory that like can be treated with like can be traced back as far Hypocrites (468 -377 BC), but it wasn't until the work of Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) that the theory developed into a usable practice.

Hahneman's provings consisted in giving doses of various substances to both himself and his healthy volunteers, and noting the effects in detail. For safety reasons, the substances taken were very dilute, and it is here that Hahnemann chanced upon one of the more puzzling aspects of Homeopathy. The more dilute a homeopathic medicine is, the more effective it is in treating illness.

The information provided in this site is based solely on Samuel Hahnemann's concepts...often referred to as Classical Homeopathy...one remedy at a time...treating the whole animal.

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July is Mental Health Month

Vaccines do serious damage causing neurological disorders like epilepsy, seizures/convulsions, autism, Lupus, cancerous affections of all kinds, brain tumors, mental retardation, mental confusion, depression, anxiety, aggression, biting, paralysis, deafness, blindness, to name a few.

Autism and other compulsive disorders of all kinds were unheard of before vaccines. 

Unless an animal dies on the veterinarian’s stainless steel examining table immediately after a vaccine, you will be told that whatever symptoms your animal presents in the following days, weeks, months, and years have no relationship to the vaccines.  That’s a bold-faced lie.

The general public has been sucked in to believing that decayed animals, diseased blood, sera, bacteria, viruses, fungi, mucous, pus, urine, feces, antibiotics, formaldehyde, mercury derivatives, acetone, aluminum and carbolic acids put into a mixture, shot through the greatest protector, our skin, directly into our blood system is the answer to keeping us free from disease???  How barbaric!

Viera Scheibner, PhD, author of Vaccination, 100 Years of Orthodox Research Show that Vaccines Represent a Medical Assault on the Immune System has stated: “I have solid medical proof, after going through some 30,000 pages of medical papers dealing with vaccines, that there is no evidence of their effectiveness or safety.”   She also states: “Your loyalty is to your animal and your child, not to rules, regulations and laws by a politician or a doctor.” 

We as the guardians of our animals and children have the responsibility and the obligation to protect our loved ones.  Just because some “authority” figure says this is what you must do, don’t succumb.

If you believe a law is immoral, you have a duty to disobey it.

Pat McKay author of Natural Immunity,
Why You Should NOT Vaccinate!

Sunny McKay 1.5 Years Old

Bobby does love his Walker Lake

Happy Healthy July!

We have been given the most precious gifts of cats and dogs.  Do not damage them with vaccines, drugs, chemicals, and pet foods/treats.  They are our furry children who deserve the best.  They must be fed only food fit for human consumption; the meat must be raw, and they must have the proper supplements because even our food fit for human consumption is not up to the standards it was a hundred years ago.

Cats and Dogs must eat raw meat, steamed/boiled/mashed vegetables, BIO-8 & CLO-3...and follow my No-No List!

The NO-NO List

NO to all  vaccines, drugs, chemicals, and pet foods/treats. 

NO to microchips.

NO to vaccines:  Natural Immunity: 
Why You Should Not Vaccinate!

NO to flea & tick medications: 
Flea Killers Are Cat and Dog Killers

NO to heartworm medications: 
Heartworms – Mother Nature’s Solution

NO to antibiotics & steroids: 
Symptoms of Psora

NO to deworming: 
Pat McKay Raw Food Basic Recipe

NO to pet foods/treats: 
Poisons in Pet Food

YES to nutrition: Free information & advice pat@patmckay.com

YES to homeopathy: Email to receive Questionnaire

Care for your animals with the proper raw food, Bio-enhanced vitamins and minerals, and homeopathy  

Nutrition and Homeopathy work!

Please spread the word!
   Tell people not to vaccinate!

Pat McKay 
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34 years experience in animal nutrition
30 years experience in classical homeopathy
As we heal our animals, we heal ourselves!

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